As a Senior 3D artist with over 12 years of experience creating models and materials/textures for games, leading teams, creating art style guides/documentation, and creating and managing assets/material libraries. Experienced in the production of standalone and modular assets, environments (block out to completion) as well as weapon and vehicle creation. Over the course of my career I have experience in authoring materials for both hand painted and realistic PBR rendering styles.
Work History
Cat Daddy Games - Senior 2D/3D Artist
January 2021 - Present
NBA2k Mobile-
○ Environment and props creation
○ Hand painted and PBR style texture authoring
○ Zbrush sculpting for character and environment art
○ FX Work for UI, menus, and card art
○ Creating/maintaining material libraries
InCadence Strategic Solutions - Lead 3D Modeler 
Oct 2012 - Sept 2020
Serious Games/ Games for Training
○ Hard edge modeling for props, vehicles, and weapons
○ Environment creation
○ PBR material/texture authoring
○ Setting art style guides/documentation for team use
○ Creating/maintaining material and asset libraries
BAE Systems - 3D Modeler 
April 2010 – Oct 2012 
Serious Games/ Games for Training 
○ Low poly modeling of vehicles, props, weapons, and characters
○ Hand painted/photo sourced texture creation
Full Sail Real World Education
August 2002 - October 2003

Associates of Science in Computer Animation 
Skills and Experience
○ Prototyping and blockouts for assets and environments
○ Texture/material authoring for hand painted and PBR style textures
○ Using current gen game engines such as Unity and Unreal as well as various proprietary engines
○ Creating game ready models, collision geometry, and LODs 
○ Creating high resolution models for PBR baking workflows
○ Sculpting high resolution models within ZBrush
○ UV unwrapping and texture baking
○ Mentor team members on new workflow/software techniques 
○ Create and maintain model, texture, and material libraries 
○ 3D Studio Max
○ Pixologic ZBrush
○ Maya
○ Adobe Photoshop
○ 3D Coat
○ Quixel Mixer
○ Substance Designer
○ Substance Painter
○ Unreal Engine 4
○ Unity
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